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The restaurant Brasserie
in the heart of old town Annecy

Set between trend and tradition

Our restaurant offers authentic seasonal dishes in an elegant and timeless setting in the heart of old town Annecy.

Entirely renovated early 2020, Brasserie des Européens in Annecy boasts a timeless “Belle Époque” décor with a contemporary design. The signature red and black tones of the brasserie make it a timeless and welcoming rest from the bustle of old town. Every day of the year, you can sit down and enjoy our delicious seasonal menu.

Opposite the Town Hall esplanade, our restaurant is located in the heart of Annecy’s historic district, one of the most visited places in the city centre.

Sitting on our terrace or on the sofas in our Parisian-inspired brasserie, enjoy excellent traditional dishes that will bring you just the right amount of surprise yet recalling the memories of the authentic flavours you love.

The famous “Café de Paris” with an incredible seafood bar, mussels and chips, and a delicious Thai Curry is set between trend and tradition. Brasserie des Européens, where lake meets mountain, invites you to enjoy quality seasonal dishes with fresh local produce enhanced with spices and smells from around the world.

Brasserie des Européens’ history in Annecy is one of incredible firsts and unique characteristics that make this brasserie an unparalleled pioneer.

As the first Parisian-inspired brasserie to open in old town Annecy in 1990, it was the first restaurant in the city to offer what has now become an icon: mussels and chips. It is the only restaurant in Annecy to have the same seafood bar from its opening to today and it is the first restaurant to add the famous “Café de Paris” to its menu which is still served today and is still created using the original, decades-old, and secret recipe, handed down by its creator’s family.

It is a placed infused with history, whose perfectly preserved soul has been embodied by the restaurant manager, assistant, and chef since 1990. It is thanks to these three pillars, these three incredible craftsmen that Brasserie des Européens has made it one of the most popular restaurants in Annecy, attracting hundreds of thousands of customers—locals and tourists alike—30 years after its creation.

“The timeless “Café de Paris”—grilled meat with a unique sauce—mirrors the greatness of Brasserie des Européens: Greatness in the secrecy of its original recipe.”


Whether you are eating alone, with your colleague, partner, family, or a group, we have the table or lounge that fits what you need. Enjoy the friendliness and warmth of our main room or the intimacy and refinement of the Carnotzet, a small room like a wine cellar to offer you even more intimacy.


Our spacious terrace faces three icons of Annecy’s cultural and architectural heritage: Town Hall, Saint-Maurice Church, and Saint François de Salle Church. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, enjoying a cocktail or a delicious meal.

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